Volare Winter Box (6-Person)

Volare Winter Box (6-Person)
Volare Winter Box (6-Person)
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Keep warm this winter with all of our favourite Winter treats. Our Turmeric Sourdough pairs perfectly with a slow cooked roast and the Seeded Ficelle (6-pack) are perfect when loaded with the leftovers. Sourdough Spiced-Fruit English Muffins to fight those chilly mornings, Date Scones to get you through the day, and Pain Au Levain for delicious cheese toasties in the afternoon. Top it all off with a mix of our mini Almond Croissants and Pain au Chocolates and the whole family will be smiling.

The Volare Winter Box (6-Person) includes:

Cumin, Onion & Turmeric Sourdough
Pain au Levain Sourdough
6-Pack Seeded Ficelle
2x Orange & Date Scones
5x Spiced-Fruit English Muffins
4x Mini Almond Croissants
4x Mini Pain au Chocolates

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A Traditional Approach

Baking bread is a testament to the harmony of nature's elements and human touch, resulting in a simple yet extraordinary staple that has nourished communities for generations.

With the patient guidance of skilled bakers, the simplest of ingredients – flour, water, yeast, and salt – transform from a humble mixture into a living, breathing dough.

Kneading the dough is a dance between hands and substance that builds the dough's elasticity and structure. As the dough rises, bakers' intuition and experience will dictate when the dough is ready for the oven's embrace that will the oven's embrace, transforming it into a golden masterpiece.

Our Ingredients

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