Morning Bun

Morning Bun
Morning Bun

Introducing our Morning Bun, a delightful way to start your day with a touch of elegance. This handcrafted pastry is a symphony of flavours, blending the buttery goodness of a croissant with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon and sugar.

Each bite reveals delicate layers that are both flaky and tender, creating a textural masterpiece. The swirl of cinnamon-infused goodness dances on your palate, making it a breakfast treat to savour. Whether paired with your favourite coffee or enjoyed on its own, our Morning Bun promises a morning ritual that's both comforting and exquisite.

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the patience of pastry

With a meticulous blend of time-honoured techniques, premium ingredients, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our pastries are hard to beat.

Alongside a masterful approach to mixing, kneading, and folding, time and patience are also essential to the process as extended resting periods develop the texture, flavour, and structure of the pastry.

The result is more than a treat; it's a labor of love that pays homage to tradition while delighting taste buds with its impeccable taste and texture.

Our Ingredients

Using premium ingredients and a long fermentation process allows us to create products that are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers and to create exceptional, flavorful, and authentic products that capture the essence of true craftsmanship.

Inside the product


  • Wheat Flour
  • Vitamin (Folic Acid)
  • Butter (Cream, Salt)
  • Brown Sugar
  • Fresh Yeast
  • Salt
  • Malt Flour
  • Cinnamon
  • Orange Zest
  • Non Stick Spray


  • Milk, Soy (From Non-Stick spray), Wheat.

May be present:

  • Egg, Oats, Rye, Sesame seeds, Tree nuts.
Per serve 90g Per 100g
Energy 2050kJ 2278kJ
Calories 490Cal 544Cal
Calories from fat 318Cal 353Cal
Protein 4.7g 5.2g
Fat, total 35.3g 39.2g
Saturated 23g 25.6g
Carbohydrates 38.4g 42.7g
Sugars 13.7g 15.2g
Sodium 648mg 720mg

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