Volare Stockist: Herbal Dispensary, Raglan

17 December 2021

Volare Stockist: The Herbal Dispensary, Raglan

If you’re planning a trip to the thriving little West Coast town of Raglan this summer, make sure to stop in and see our friends at The Herbal Dispensary. As one of Volare’s longest-standing customers, this popular store has a special place in our heart and within the community as well.

What started as a small clinic and dispensary in 1996, has now expanded into a thriving natural health and organic wholefoods store. Originally started by Bronwyn Lowe, The Herbal Dispensary went through an ownership change earlier this year and is now in the capable hands of Natalie Jacques and Loic Jonnart.

Natalie Jacques, a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, and former staff member. She was drawn to Raglan 7 years ago, initially for the waves. Having spent most of her life chasing waves around the world, she had come to Raglan for a surf. She was staying at a friend’s place and saw an advertisement in the local paper looking for a naturopath at The Herbal Dispensary. Being a naturopath and medical herbalist, Natalie went in the next day after a surf to apply for a job and the rest is history. Bronwyn and Geoff still laugh at her coming in with zinc and salt on her face!!

After working at The Herbal Dispensary for 4 years, Natalie moved to Mount Maunganui to be with her partner Loic. While she was there, she continued with her passion for natural medicine and worked for a practitioner company called FxMed, started her own practice as Naturopath Natalie and started up a natural first aid kit venture called 37 South. She up-skilled as a NLP practitioner and started to specialise in gut and hormone health, utilising all the knowledge she had gained with FxMed on functional testing.

Both Loic and Natalie wanted to move back to Raglan and it was on a trip back to Raglan, while she was having an ice cream outside the Herbal Dispensary congratulating Bronwyn and Geoff on the recent purchase of their house, when they told her they wanted to retire and offered her the business. That tied in perfectly with the sale of Loic’s business and with their life plans to move back.

Natalie and Loic took over in February 2021, with Loic managing the food and vegetable side of the business and Natalie the herbal side, and despite all of the lockdowns and curveballs that the year has thrown at them, they’ve continued to thrive.

So if you find yourself in Whaingaroa this summer, make sure to stop in and grab yourself some Volare goodies. They stock our bread, pastries, pies, sausage rolls, and Christmas tarts and you can even place an order with them ahead of time. If you want a Christmas Eve delivery, just make sure to get your order in before 2pm on December 22nd. You can also order most of their exciting product range through their website, click here.

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