Support Local: Kaipaki Sunflowers

20 January 2024

Support Local: Kaipaki Sunflowers

There’s nothing like a stroll through a farm filled with gorgeous, bright sunflowers to put a smile on your dial. We had the incredible opportunity to speak with our friend Tammy - Owner of the brand-new Kaipaki Sunflowers just a few days ago.

I asked her a few questions about how a sunflower farm happened, and we chatted about the open day that’s happening today!

Why a Sunflower Farm? 

“We have excellent quality soil, so I thought about anything else I could do except to run cattle. I think they are bound to make everyone happy (which we could all use after the last few years) and, they look amazing.”

What has the process of starting a business been like? 

“Well. It’s been a ride. I ordered 35 thousand seeds, and quickly realised we had far more space than that would be enough for, so I ordered another 35. We had a guy sewing for us, and he’d done about half of the field and let me know he’d used around 50 thousand already. So I had to make a really quick decision and turned the second field we have into a pick-your-own. Which we think has worked out amazingly.” The pick-your-own field is $4 a stem (what a bargain), or 3 for $10, with $1 from every stem going to the awesome charity Gumboot Friday, which focuses a lot on kids and youth mental health.

What kind of sunflowers are these? 

“These are a type of seedless/pollenless variety. Which we chose in order to limit the attraction of bees. They’re also a little smaller than some varieties you’d see around people’s gardens, because of how they're sewn - which is also great because it means they’re perfect for picking a few stems to place in a vase on your kitchen table, to give the room a bit of oomph, or to gift!”

Tell me about the Open Day!

“YES! So it’s on Saturday the 20th, from 10am - 4pm. Entry is via Norrish Road - See map here. Entry fee is $8 for adults and free for children under 13.

There will be Golden State Coffee and Poppys Real Fruit Ice Cream available. Sun screen and a first aid area will be set up too. There are plenty of places to sit and have a picnic, and plenty of photo opportunities, and will be an awesome family fun day out. Bring water, some secateurs to pick your own, and most importantly, a big smile! We hope to see you there! View the event on Facebook here.

And lastly just for fun, what's your favourite Volare product? 

“UGH, I can just NOT go past an almond croissant.”
(Fair enough, me either).

We absolutely loved chatting with Tammy, her laugh is contagious, and she has a heart of gold. We fully back her in what she’s doing with this gorgeous little spot, and with so much going to such an incredible cause in Gumboot Friday. We hope to see you there today!