Chef Series: Blended Deli & Eatery

19 March 2024

Meet the Chef: Toni Frampton, Blended Deli & Eatery

Blended Deli and Eatery is based in beautiful and sunny Papamoa Beach, and has been a loyal wholesale customer for many years now.

They’ve recently completed an impressive facelift/rebrand, just as we did last year - so Ruby and I ventured over to check it out - and what a sweet little spot they have! The vibe in the cafe is buzzing, it feels so light and airy, has an awesome natural aesthetic, and has an incredible range of bites and amazing coffee! We were super thrilled to speak to the owner and head chef Toni Frampton about the cafe.

Can you tell us about your culinary background and what inspired you to become a chef?

All I wanted to be was a chef in the Navy from the age of 11 when I did Home Economics at Intermediate. At 16 I did my NZQA qualifications at Wairiki Polytechnic in Rotorua then at 20 joined the navy.

What influenced your cooking style and which chefs or cuisines have been your biggest inspirations?

To be honest I have no influences when it comes to cooking. I don't even watch cooking shows, but when learning to bake I always used Chelsea Winter to inspire me to bake without fail as baking is a science more than anything else.

How do you stay innovative and creative in the kitchen, and how do you incorporate new food trends into your menu?

I use a lot of social media like TikTok and Instagram for creativity and my sons love food so keep me up to date with the food trends and places that inspire me for my menu creations to keep with the trends.

How do you source your ingredients, and what importance do you place on using locally-sourced, seasonal produce?

We use local businesses to source local produce and adapt our menu as the seasons change

What is your most popular dish on the menu / what are you known for?

Definitely our doughnuts, cronuts and the Reuben Sando which we use Volare products to produce these

What is your favourite Volare product and how do you incorporate it into your menu?

The Turkish pide we use for all our sandos, as it’s fresh and tastes amazing

Why do you use Volare as a provider over other bakeries?

Because they are reliable and the products are fresh and taste delicious

And lastly, what does the future have in store for Blended, especially with the new rebrand!

Bigger brighter adventures! This is only the beginning for Blended Deli & Eatery! Follow our journey here