Volare Stockist: Fig and Plum

30 January 2024

A good local produce store is a wee bit far and few these days; that’s why, after Navi (pictured), had run a countdown in Auckland for the last three years and wanted a change, he fell in love with Fig and Plum. He loved the layout, the location, and how good of a produce store it was at the time.

Before the store became Fig and Plum a decade ago, it was a petrol station. Previously owned by an older gentleman who decided that his days of shop-owning were coming to an end as he was managing everything on his own. Taking a chance on this little gem, he transitioned it into what it is today, and the rest is history.

Navi sources most of his stock from New Zealand because he firmly believes in the exceptional quality of NZ produce (we share that belief too). He emphasises the importance of supporting local growers and suppliers in every way possible. After all, why import unless necessary, right?

Navi actively applies this belief, even attempting to source NZ pineapples and bananas, but found them to be unreliable and, unfortunately, too expensive. Consequently, there are a few produce items he has to import. Fig and Plum also offer a diverse range of grocery items, with several incredible Mediterranean and European suppliers (yum!). Navi personally oversees all sourcing efforts, investing considerable energy to bring the best products to his customers.

Navi feels the community around him is an incredible support, and he’s gained many regular customers since taking over the store. He makes an effort to recognise customers when they come in and to remember them by name and have a chat to catch up on their week. The customer support was an immense help over Covid lockdowns and the many level threes that Auckland was put into, they helped spread the word of the store and it meant that the business didn’t struggle too much.

We concluded the chat with Navi by asking him what his favourite Volare product is, to which his response was “the Fig and Walnut sourdough!" (obviously).

Fig and Plum receives Volare sourdough loaves on Tuesdays and Fridays every week, so if you happen to be in the Howick area, pop in to see Navi, have a chat and grab some yummy Volare bread (also available at their sister location ‘Marbled Deli’ in Farm Cove.)

Navi is an incredible man doing such a good job with this little gem and we look forward to seeing what comes of it in the future.