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In association with the Bakery Industry Association of New Zealand (BIANZ)

The home of the very best in handcrafted Sourdough Breads!

Volare specialise in baking quality handcrafted sourdough breads for restaurants, cafés and good food stores within the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato.
The sourdough process starts the day before with the mixing of the leaven (sourdough culture) which ferments for almost twenty four hours.

Then, it is at least another eight hours from mixing everything together to the first hot loaf of bread; most of that time is resting, allowing the wild yeast cells to do their work and to develop as much flavour as possible.

The time invested in the process is the only way to achieve a loaf with body, flavour and a crust that acts as its own preservative.

So truly, when the moon is in the sky, the Volare sourdough breads are on the rise.

If you would like to taste them, swing by!

Volare can be found at our bakery store on Kahikatea Drive, in our Volare Garden Place cafe, at our Empire Street branch in Cambridge or our brand new shop on Alexandra Street in Te Awamutu. Volare bread can also be found at many great resellers, cafe’s and restaurants near you, just click here to find more!